Malaysia Fest, fondly known as MFest, is an annual community and cultural festival organised by the Malaysian student community of Sydney. The public event is traditionally held at Sydney’s glorious Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour.


As a cultural event, Malaysia Festival seeks to promote and raise awareness about Malaysia’s cultural diversity to the Australian community through our amazing cuisine and colourful cultural performances. Famous Malaysian restaurants will be manning food stalls, and Sydney’s own Malaysian student population will be providing a myriad of cultural performances for the delight of the Festival’s visitors.


The 28th of September 2014 will mark the 24th year the event has been held since its humble beginnings on the walkway of the University of New South Wales.



% Malaysians

% various nationalities


MFest is the type of event you would want to mark on your calendars a few months before it's actually there. You'll really, really regret if you miss it.

- Parkash Kumar, visitor of Malaysia Festival 2013 -

1. What is Malaysia Festival?
2. When and where is it going to be held this year?
3. Do I have to be there from 12pm-8pm?
4. What is the program itinerary/agenda?
5. How do I become a volunteer?
6. What will volunteers get?
7. How do I rent a stall?
8. Where can I get constant updates about Malaysia Festival?