Tingle your taste buds with the wide variety of cuisines at Malaysia Fest Sydney !

Nyonya Herb Rice

A rice salad which uses local herbs and vegetables as the main ingredients. This rice salad is widely known for its distinctive flavours and deliciousness. In fact, Nyonya Herb Rice is a specialty to the Peranakan community during celebratory events such as birthday or weddings. It is best served with Sambal Belacan, the uniquely chilli sauce mixed with fermented shrimp paste.

Prawn Dumpling

One word: Dumpling. How can we even begin explaining this to you: a kind of savory pastry stuffed with choices of protein and herbs and spices, eaten with delicious dipping sauce as the side; one just simply has to try it to know it! Dumplings may be prepared using a variety of methods, including bakingboilingfryingsimmering or steaming and are found in many world cuisines.

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