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Aliff Haziq

Marketing Executive

With his incredible sense of style and trendsetting ideas, Aliff knows just how to make our event the talk of the town.

From planning and managing integrated campaigns to promoting the event across multiple marketing channels, Aliff's creativity and strategic thinking never cease to amaze us. With his finger on the pulse of the latest trends and have a keen eye for design, Aliff helps us stay true to MFEST's image and tone, ensuring that we always remain on brand and on trend.


Meet Marketing Team

Meet Fatin Fatihah and Nur Arianna Iman – our dynamic duo of Content Creator Directors . They’re the masterminds behind all the amazing content for MFest. They come up with fresh and innovative ideas, create compelling content and manage our social media presence with finesse. Plus, they’re always pitching new ideas to keep our brand at the forefront of everyone’s minds

Meet Alya Nur Najwa and Nur Atiqah – our powerhouse Creative Design Directors. They're the ones behind all the eye-catching merchandise, posters and media materials that makes MFest stand out. And when it comes to video and editing, they are the genius who makes our content look sleek, trendy and professional. Plus, they are our go-to team for any design needs, whether it's a report or a slide deck. And as if that's not enough, they also assist our Marketing Director in crafting the perfect brand profile for MFest.

Aliff Haziq
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