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Farah Irdina

Human Resources Executive

She’s the one-woman show behind our team of Directors, ensuring that we have the perfect mix of talent, dedication and pizzazz.

With her expert coordination skills, she manages our schedules and keeps everything running with the precision of a Swiss watchmaker. And on event day, she’s the one behind the scenes👀, making sure our volunteers and performers have everything they need to shine.


Meet Human Resources Team

Say hello to our Welfare Director – Nurul Huda . She’s the one who makes sure our hardworking volunteers are well-fed and well-rested during the event. From arranging food to scheduling breaks , she's always looking out for our team's well-being.

Meet our Health and Safety Director – Alisha Nazirah. She's our expert in risk management, ensuring that all safety measures are in place to keep our attendees secure. With her sharp eye for detail and unwavering dedication, we know we're in good hands when it comes to keeping everyone safe

Farah Irdina
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