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Nur Ardini Batrisya

Chief Operating Officer

As the Chief Operations Officer, she is responsible for venue hire, facilities, stallholder relations and leading the Operations Department team on event day, she is the maestro behind the scenes who makes everything happen seamlessly!


Meet Operation Team!

Say hello to our Coordination Director - Hanni Hazirah, the right-hand assistant of the Department Head.

With her eagle eyes and expertise, she oversees the operations of our event, making sure everything runs smoothly.

Our Food and Beverage Director - Muhaimin Afif, the mastermind behind our mouth-watering delicacies. He don't just find the best food vendors, but also ensure all permits and compliance are in order.

Meet our Venue Director - Nurulhusna Aisyah, the one who makes sure our event runs seamlessly at the perfect spot. From fulfilling vendors' needs to ensuring facilities are in place, she is always one step ahead .

Nur Ardini Batrisya
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