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Toh Zhi Fei

Chief Finance Officer

As our Chief Finance Officer, Tong Zhi Fei fearlessly manages our cash flow and keeps our financial health in top-notch condition.

With a calculating mind and a knack for creative problem-solving, Tong Zhi Fei is more than just a CFO. She is a financial strategist extraordinaire! So the next time you are marveling at how smoothly MFEST runs, just remember that it is all thanks to Tong Zhi Fei’s incredible talent and dedication.


Meet Finance Team

Meet our Assistant Treasurer, Nur Irdina Amri, the one who keeps our books in check and makes sure we stay on top of our finances. With her keen eyes for detail and expert bookkeeping skills, we know our finances are in good hands. Welcome to the team!

Don’t forget our Assistant of HoD (Nur Myra Hazya), Monetary Handling (Faiqah Nur), and Non-Monetary Handling (Syazana Tuah)! We couldn't do it without them!

Toh Zhi Fei
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