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Can't wait for MFest '21? Have a peek at our gallery of photos from our previous festivals and get excited for what's to come for our 30th anniversary!


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Malaysia Festival 2019 Highlights!

21-22 September 2019

Sydney's largest student-run festival celebrating Malaysia's culture concludes with another memorable, exciting and enriching year!

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Performances to excite your soul and take you back to Malaysia!

Food & Stalls

Food from a mixture of cuisines to fill your belly and satisfy your palate!


Exciting, interactive games and amazing prizes up for grabs!


Post-Event Highlights

The east cost state of Peninsular Malaysia, Terengganu have many fascinating places, beauty islands, unique cultural heritage and delicious foods that would make a memorable trip for anyone who travel to Terengganu. 

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Beautiful Terengganu Malaysia

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The flag carrier of the country of Malaysia Airlines flies non-stop to more than 50 destinations. Discover faraway wonders of the world with Malaysian Airlines.

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Malaysia Airlines


A premium brand in the hospitality industry, Lexis Hotel Group is adamant in providing professional management services for a portfolio of hotels and resorts. 

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Lexis Hotel Group


To know Malaysia is to love Malaysia. Our multiculturalism has made Malaysia a gastronomical paradise and home to hundreds of colourful festivals.

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Malaysia Truly Asia




It's a wrap for Malaysia Festival 2019! Our team would like to thank our directors and volunteers for helping us day and night for this event! 

A big appreciation we would like to convey towards our special guest: Larissa Ping and Rozita Rohaizad all the way from Malaysia. 

We would also like to thank our performers: Red Radiant Production, Sape Traditional Music Team, Grasio Silat, Ruchi Sanghi Indian Dance, Pei Lei Wushu and MFest Fusion Band, for practicing hard before the big day. 

We would like to express our gratitude to all sponsors. Without them, we are hardly bring this festival in Sydney, Australia, to a success! Special thanks to Beautiful Terengganu Malaysia, for a very huge sponsorship they provided for Malaysia Festival 2019. MFest'19 Team also sincerely would like to express an appreciation towards Malaysia Airlines, Lexis Hotel Group and Malaysia Truly Asia and all other sponsors: Education Malaysia Australia, Summer Bay Resort, EcoWorld International, Group Aisa, Novotel, The Taaras, Red Radiants Productions and Kudrat Coconut, for supporting Malaysia Festival 2019. This event would not have been a success without the generous support from them. We really appreciate the willingness with which they have and continue to sponsor our effort to make this happen.

Last but not least, we would like to thank each and everyone who attended Malaysia Festival 2019! Without you all, our event would not be a success!

See you all next year!


Meet The Team


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Nuryn Qistina

- Secretary -

Nik Emirah Adlina

- Executive Assistant -

Dominic Khoo

- CEO -

Li Yuan Lau

- Executive Assistant -

Aisyah Zaki

- Treasurer -

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Jonathan Wang

- CFO -

Nur Fatin Amira

- HR Executive -

Aisyah Azmi

- Marketing Executive -

Nabihah Zolkifli

- Entertainment Executive -

Kai Zhi Lim

- COO -



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Our event will not become a reality without our kind sponsors. For the past few years, we have been constantly receiving supports from our sponsors and in return, we promise to advertise our sponsors through various social media platforms which suits their marketing strategy. 


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