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Drawing is your forte? Then show us what you got!

We are excited to bring our very own art competition with Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security (KPKM)!

If you have talents in drawing or even passion in it, make sure to participate in this competition and bring home big prizes!!

We have three categories for ages which is under 13, 13 to 18 and above 18! All ages are welcome to join

How to enter?

  1. Participants are required to include

  2. Their name and phone number on their art

  3. Participants are to bring their art to the event (SUBMISSION IS AT THE KPKM BOOTH)

  4. The theme is Malaysian Fruits

  5. There are three categories : UNDER 13, 13-18, AND OVER 18 (one winner per category)

  6. Winners will be announced on stage

Terms and Conditions

  1. There is no fee entry

  2. Art will be displayed for voting (The voting is up to the visitors)

  3. The competition will be ongoing from 11am until 3Pm 

  4. Any media of traditional art is accepted

  5. Any Digital or AI art would be disqualified

  6. The latest submission would be 30 minutes before 12 noon at the latest


We cant wait to see your talent at Malaysia Festival this Saturday!

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