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To Sydney, With Love, From Malaysia


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Malaysia Fest Logo

In its modest origins in 1990, MFest began as a series of small gatherings on the main promenade of the University of New South Wales. From this unassuming start, the festival has since blossomed into an international sensation, proudly displaying the rich tapestry of Malaysian culture to the world outside of its native land.


From 2013 through to 2022, the event consistently lured sizable audiences each year, drawing in over 35,000 attendees in total. This significant attendance has played a pivotal role in the triumphant rise of MFest.

Woman dancing in kebaya


We aim to increase local awareness of Malaysia as a nation of diverse cultures and to improve relations between Malaysians and the local community.



To attain our vision, Malaysia Fest focuses on introducing authentic Malaysian cuisines and products, promoting local traditional clothes and culture while displaying an array of traditional dances, performance and games

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