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MFEST 23/24
Official Sponsors

Massive appreciation to our sponsors and partners whose unwavering support and dedication were instrumental in making Malaysia Festival an extraordinary success! Your significant contributions played a pivotal role in elevating every aspect of our event, and we're incredibly grateful for your partnership for this year's festival!

Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security (KPKM)


KPKM’s policy statement for the next 10 years is to create a sustainable, resilient and technology driven Agrofood industry that prioritises food security and nutrition while driving economic growth and enhancing the wellbeing of the rakyat. In cognizance with one of its main focuses i.e. to expand the export market, KPKM through seven Agriculture Counsellor Offices (ACO) abroad are actively promoting Malaysian food products through various platforms.

ACO Sydney’s presence in Australia is vital as it serves as a contact point for trade relations and activities for various aspects of agriculture between both countries

City of Sydney

City of Sydney oversees the Sydney central business district as well as the surrounding inner-city suburbs within the greater metropolitan area of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

From managing festivals to issuing parking permits, the City of Sydney plays a crucial role in maintaining the smooth operation of the city area. We extend our deepest gratitude for the invaluable assistance and support provided by the City of Sydney in ensuring the success of our festival.

Their commitment to fostering community events and ensuring the well-being of residents underscores the collaborative spirit that defines Sydney as a vibrant and inclusive city.

Public Service Department (JPA)

JPA is integral to the public services in Malaysia and serves as a pivotal force in driving comprehensive reforms within the civil service, aiming for greater efficiency and effectiveness in human resource development and management, earning the trust and confidence of the people.

From scholarships to psychological services, the department offers a wide range of support for the public of Malaysia.

Malaysia Airlines

MAB Logo Blue.png
Malaysia Airlines stands as the national carrier of Malaysia, providing premier travel options to, from, and within the country. Boasting a modern fleet comprising Airbus A350-900, A330-300, B737-800 and B737 Max aircraft, Malaysia Airlines sets itself apart as the top choice for domestic, regional, and global travel needs in and out of Malaysia.

Each day, Malaysia Airlines welcomes up to 40,000 passengers on unforgettable journeys, all infused with the essence of Malaysia's cultural diversity. Through its distinctive Malaysian Hospitality, the airline embodies the nation's rich traditions, cultures, and culinary delights, ensuring a memorable experience for travelers at every touchpoint.

As a proud member of the oneworld®️ alliance, Malaysia Airlines collaborates with its global partners to provide seamless travel solutions to over 1,000 destinations worldwide.

Tourism Malaysia

208583de-6431-4ee7-8421-959db539eb5b (1).jpg
Tourism Malaysia and their iconic tagline "Malaysia Truly Asia," which beautifully encapsulates the natural wonders, delectable cuisine, and rich cultural diversity that define Malaysia's allure.

Operating under the Ministry of Culture, Arts, and Tourism, Tourism Malaysia is dedicated to showcasing Malaysia as an exceptional tourist destination, both domestically and internationally. Their mission involves highlighting the unique wonders, attractions, and cultural treasures of our country.


Oriental Merchant


Medan Ciak

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The Prestige Hotel


VEP Asia

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Grace Hotel


G Hotel

Ho Jiak

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Rockman Australia

Holey Moley

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